i am OF THIS....NO BULLIES! We just spent three days with 2 of our grandchildren while their parents were on a short trip. It was a really great time. We made it a point to have each meal together, at the kitchen table, talking about whatever happened to come up. I know that these kiddos get to do this a lot with their parents at home. One conversation consisted of details of - in what fabulous manner was I going to paint my grand daughter's fingers and toes! Oh, she had grand plans...we would google you tube videos of all types of nail art!! She was so excited....until she told us that she didn't want to go to school on Monday. There has been "girl drama" with friends of course. The next part bothered me then...and bothers me now, hours after they have gone home. She said that although her nails were going to look great, she couldn't wear sandals anymore because some of her "friends" had teased her about having some crooked toes.
I won't go into detail right now about what all we talked about on this subject. Bullies come in all shapes, sizes, ages.....they can be at school, home, sports, church, work...but sadly, they ARE NEVER UNDER ROCKS. They are lurking and looking for their next opportunity to hurt or shame someone. "I AM of this." is against bullying. And we are "of" a lot of really positive and great things too. We hope that you will hang out with us often!

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